MTP Plates

Key Benefits

  • The MINI MAXLOCK™ EXTREME™ MTP Plates are an extension of the MINI MAXLOCK™ EXTREME™ Plate and Screw system.
  • The low-profile plates come in a variety of options to meet surgeon preference and patient anatomy.
  • All of the MTP plates are contoured with 10° of valgus and 5° of dorsiflexion.
  • The standard MTP plates incorporate a compression slot which allows for 1.25 mm of translation.
  • The MTP Plates with POCKETLOCK™ Technology provide the ability to insert a targeted 4.0 mm non-locking inter-fragmentary screw through a plate, across the MTP joint.
  • The system offers non-locking, fixed angle locking, and variable angle locking screws to provide fixation without compromise.

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