29 settembre 2015
Gary Sayler: INFINITY™ Total Ankle System Recipient
KRCR-TV (Redding, CA ABC affiliate)

Gary Sayles broke his ankle in a 1980 hunting accident. Years later, it became unbearable and he went to Dr. Jason Nowak of Shasta Orthopaedics in Redding, California for a total ankle replacement. Gary was implanted with the INFINITY™ Total Ankle System on 8 aprile 2015. Dr. Nowak is one of a few physicians in the Redding area that routinely performs total ankle replacements. New technology allows Dr. Nowak to align the ankle replacement pre-operatively on a computer, which saves time in the operating room.

Dr. Nowak says that the ideal patient for an ankle replacement is 55 or older who has a low impact lifestyle (i.e.; walking, biking and swimming). Since Gary’s replacement surgery, he has been able to get back to walking regularly and is no longer suffering from pain in his ankle.

According to Dr. Nowak, 10 years after the ankle replacement surgery 90% of patients are doing well.

The opinions of Gary Sayles and Dr. Jason Nowak are theirs alone and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Wright Medical.

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