Renee, MICRONAIL Distal Radius Fixation System Recipient

Renee of North Carolina isn’t sure exactly how she broke her wrist, but the doctor at the emergency room said she certainly did a complete job of it.

renee1She was standing on the kitchen countertop cleaning out cabinets because she had just moved in. She slipped and fell backward, landing on her back although she didn’t get hurt there. She guesses she either slammed her wrist against the counter, or reached back with her hand to break her fall. “Whatever happened, I looked at my right wrist and it was just flopped over,” Renee, age 40, said. “Fortunately it didn’t hurt, but it looked terrible. The ER doctor said it was totally crushed.”

As a professional hair stylist and single mother of three small children – ages 7 years, 2 years, and 18 months – Renee dreaded the thought of having to wear a hard cast for four weeks or longer and not being able to use her dominant hand. She had done that once before when she chipped a bone in the same wrist, and as a result she was out of work for seven weeks.

renee2Instead, she was referred to orthopaedic surgeon Mark Warburton, M.D., who told her about a new surgical procedure that didn’t require a cast. Renee’s broken wrist was repaired surgically using Wright’s MICRONAIL Intramedullary Distal Radius System.

“This was an ideal product for this active, young mother of three employed as a hairstylist,” Warburton said. “She was able to bathe her children after just one week and return to work at four weeks.” Renee’s surgery was November 19, 2005, and she started physical therapy immediately after her stitches were removed. She was back at work and did three haircuts on December 17.

renee3“It hurt some, but I think cutting hair turned out to be very good physical therapy because I’m fine now,” Renee said. “Most people don’t know how physical cutting hair can be. There’s a lot of wrist work involved.” She said she has enjoyed a 100 percent recovery, having steadily increased in strength and functionality. Now she can do just about any activity she wishes to do – although she said she’ll think twice before standing on countertops again.

“I’ve been extremely pleased,” she said. “It could have been a permanent disability, but I’m doing great. A fast recovery really saved me.”

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