Jean, MICRONAIL Implant Recipient

jean1Jean leads a lifestyle that barely leaves her time to breathe: as a teacher, she’s on the go all day, and upon leaving the classroom, she heads straight to the racquetball court, where she trains daily and coaches as well. Jean is a world-class athlete, competing in racquetball, and scoring numerous trophies along the way. She says, “It’s a tough lifestyle, but I’m tough too- you have to be to play at my level.” Jean never stopped to think that an injury had the potential to sideline her racquetball career.

In the summer of 2006, Jean ramped up her training to prepare for the world championships, to take place that August. Jean never stopped to think that an injury had the potential to sideline her racquetball career. But, midway through the summer, while relaxing at home and entertaining friends, Jean fell on her property, breaking both her radius and ulna. One of her visiting friends was a doctor and diagnosed the break immediately. He rushed Jean to the hospital, and suggested that she should ask about being treated with an intramedullary nail (an implant implanted within the bone) in order to speed her recovery. At the emergency room, Jean was sent immediately to Dr. Samir Sodha, an orthopedic surgeon who specializes in hand surgery.

jean2Just weeks from her most important competition, Jean was devastated by the injury. When Dr. Sodha offered her the option of the MICRONAIL Distal Radius Fixation System (an intramedullary nail), Jean leapt at the chance.

“I had to have the MICRONAIL [implant],” says Jean. “I simply couldn’t have a cast. I wouldn’t have been able to play for months and my wrist may not have had the stability it got from the MICRONAIL implant.”

jean3Using her experience as a professional athlete to her advantage, Jean worked hard to recover quickly after her surgery. And soon she was back on the racquetball court for practice. After just a few days of playing post-surgery, Jean competed in the world championships and won her age division.

Since the competition, she has been able to make even more improvement, and is now back to her usual routine of weight training, practice, and coaching. Jean says, “I had to rush my recovery in order to play, but my wrist held up. Without the MICRONAIL implant, I wouldn’t have my world championship.”

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