Anna, MICRONAIL Intramedullary Radius Fixation System

ana1On January 10, Anna was walking down a grassy incline after visiting with her neighbor and slipped, fracturing her left wrist. She instantly knew it was a fracture, as she had suffered a similar injury to her right wrist in 2000. Anna immediately went to her family physician who explained that since the fracture was severe she should see Dr. Schaffer, a local orthopaedic surgeon.

Anna scheduled an appointment with Dr. Schaffer that same day and brought her X-rays for him to review. After examining her wrist and X-rays, Dr Schaffer recommended that Anna’s fracture be corrected with Wright’s MICRONAIL Intramedullary Radius Fixation System. When she fractured her right wrist in 2000, she was treated with a cast for six weeks. Anna questioned Dr. Schaffer’s recommendation of the MICRONAIL System. Anna and Dr. Schaffer agreed that the MICRONAIL implant seemed like a good solution and scheduled surgery for the next day.

ana2Anna was pleasantly surprised how quickly her wrist started to feel better. “I didn’t feel any pain at all. When I broke my wrist before, it was so painful having my bone set. This didn’t hurt at all,” shares Anna. “I could move my fingers immediately after the surgery. During the healing process, I was able to use my hand to some degree.” Within two weeks, Anna noticed a big difference with mobility in her wrist and was able to take her wrist brace off to shower.

Anna now has the brace off permanently and her fracture has healed nicely. She is going to physical therapy to help increase her range of motion and rebuild strength in her wrist. “Since I didn’t have a cast, I was able to move my hand and wrist a little bit. This made physical therapy easier since I wasn’t as stiff. I am pleased to be back to a normal routine now. I have a lot of responsibilities with my job. I own a cleaning business and two residential care facilities. I recently drove more than 230 miles to go to a work conference without any pain. It’s remarkable,” Anna continues.

ana3“I was so pleased with my experience I would recommend the MICRONAIL System to anyone with a wrist fracture. Previously, I had a cast but this time the MICRONAIL System was implanted which was so much better and easier. I’d rate it a 10 compared to a cast. It was less painful, and I healed so much quicker,” Anna concludes.


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